Welcome to the Foot & Hand Spa

Richmond's Only Medical Spa That Focuses
On The Hands And Feet

Big News! The Foot & Hand Spa has expanded!

We’re still in the same location, but now with twice the space and four pedicure chairs instead of two. We can’t wait to show you our new spa! Why not schedule an appointment today?

Here’s what you can expect when you visit us:

  • Treatment by licensed, professional pedicurists who receive additional training on foot anatomy and diseases of the skin and nails
  • A Board Certified podiatrist who is onsite and oversees patient care
  • A clean facility that follows the same stringent sanitation and sterilization requirements as those set for hospitals
  • Only the highest quality skin care products
  • Customized services for people with special foot health needs, such as diabetics and people undergoing chemotherapy
  • Coordinated care with a medical professional, if needed
  • Great looking manicures and pedicures


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, infectious organisms thrive in warm, moist places, such as the footbath systems used in spas. At the Foot & Hand Spa, you can relax! We use EPA-registered disinfectants and our sanitation procedures meet or exceed OSHA standards (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).