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Natural Awakenings Magazine
Pretty, Healthy Feet All Summer Long
One of the great harbingers of summer is a shiny pedicure and strappy sandals. While both can make the feet look beautiful, they can also pose hidden health risks. Read more

Madly Juicy Magazine
When a Pedicure Becomes a Health Hazard
Heading to the salon for a pedicure sounds relaxing, but it can have the opposite effect if a nasty foot infection develops after a couple of days.
This kind of situation happens regularly, for various reasons. Salons do not always disinfect their tools properly, and the pedicurist may not wash their hands between clients. Read more

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Podiatrists Offering Pedicures
Christine Witte likes getting pedicures, but she has reason to be particular about where she gets them. Read more

The Community Weekly
Richmond Podiatrist Develops Medical Grade Foot & Hand Spa, Raises Standard of Quality in Regional Nail Salon Industry
… Dr. Mitchell Waskin … noticed an unusual increase in visits from patients who expressed concern about the “sudden” appearance of fungal infections in their feet, skin and toenails. During these visits, Dr. Waskin identified the culprit fairly quickly, as each patient consistently reported that their foot problems became evident shortly after a visit to a pedicure salon. Read more