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Richmond's First Medical-Grade Nail Salon Located inside The Foot & Ankle Center

Don't Risk Infection!

Richmond's First Medical Spa Focusing on Hands and Feet

Medical spas, or medi-spas, offer traditional spa services. You’ll notice a big difference, however, in our environment. Dr. Mitchell Waskin, a Board Certified podiatrist in the Foot & Ankle Center, is the Medical Director and is onsite. Dr. Waskin's mission in opening The Foot & Hand Spa is to provide Richmond a place where people can receive safe and healthy hand and foot care without the risk of infection that's prevalent at typical nail salons. He works with our professionally trained nail technicians to oversee your care, particularly if you have foot problems or other health issues that affect your feet. 

Exceptional Quality and Care

Our nail technicians are all licensed by the Virginia Board of Cosmetology. Each technician is also provided thorough training from the on-site podiatrists and medical staff at The Foot & Ankle Center so that we may provide the highest quality, medical-grade foot, nail, and skin care that can't be found at any other nail salon in Richmond. The extra care provided at The Foot & Hand Spa makes it the perfect place for everyone, especially medically-compromised individuals, such as those impacted by total joint replacement, diabetes, chemotherapy, or arthritis, to receive absolutely clean manicures and pedicures!

Hospital-Grade Sanitation Standards

Your health is our #1 priority at The Foot & Hand Spa. In order to keep you free of infection and to accommodate some of our clients' unique medical needs, we maintain strict sanitation and sterilization standards, not unlike those of a hospital.

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The Foot & Hand Spa

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