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To the naked eye, The Foot & Hand Spa may seem like any other nail salon, but the second you take a seat in one of our state of the art pedicure chairs, you'll begin to notice The Medical Spa Difference. Scroll down to learn what makes our spa so unique.

Meet Your Nail Technician


Take a second to scroll down and meet our highly-trained and friendly nail technicians before coming in for your appointment, and learn about their dedication in providing you the highest quality nail and foot care.

About Our Medical Director


Scroll down to learn about The Foot & Hand Spa's medical director, Dr. Mitchell Waskin, and his mission in opening a medical-grade spa.

The Medical Spa Difference


Don't Risk Infection!

It is our goal to provide you with the cleanest nail service in Richmond. Whether you have special issues with your feet and hands or not, our experienced nail technicians at The Foot & Hand Spa will provide you with services that will leave you with lovely nails treated in our medical-grade setting. Why risk infection?

Here are just a few of the health-related differences in the service you'll receive at The Foot & Hand Spa versus most regular nail salons:

Disinfected Chairs and Water Basins: Before each pedicure, the pedicure chair seat and head rest has been wiped with a disinfectant, and the bowl that your feet soak in has been disinfected completely. Another difference is the type of water basins we use. Many pedicure chairs have internal jets that propel the water for the whirlpool. These basin jets are situated behind filters, which are havens for bacteria. Simply spraying the bowl with an unidentified disinfectant will NOT clean the jets. In order to avoid this, our basins are "jetless," and, even so, we still fill the basin with water and a disinfecting solution after each pedicure, letting it run for approximately 10 minutes to clean both the outside AND inside.

No Reused Files and Buffers: At The Foot & Hand Spa, the emery boards and buffers that are used on your nails are NEW, in accordance with state laws governing salons. We NEVER reuse any emery board or buffer that has been used on anyone else. In fact, we instead offer our clients to take home any files and buffers used on them, so they may use them to take care of their feet and hands between their appointments.

Hospital-Grade Instrument Sterilization: All metal instruments we use are scrubbed with soap to remove all foreign matter, and then are soaked in a fungicidal, germicidal, enzymatic solution. Each instrument is sealed in an individual protective pouch and pressure-steamed in an autoclave, which is the same process used in all hospitals to sterilize instruments. If an instrument has not been steamed properly, color indicator markings on the packaging will convey that the instrument has not been pressure-cleaned.

Push Back Cuticles: The nail technicians do not cut cuticles. Cutting cuticles may leave "open doors" for bacteria to enter the skin, and this greatly increases your risk of infection. Our technicians will gently push back cuticles and, depending on your medical needs, use a gentler orangewood stick.

These are just a few of the major differences in quality and care offered at The Foot & Hand Spa. If you still have other questions or concerns, please give us a call at (804) 320-4322, and our well-trained receptionists and nail technicians will be happy to address them.

Meet Your Nail Technician



Angie has been in the nail business in Richmond since she was 19 years old.  She has dedicated her career to the industry and especially loves to do manicures.  When she is not at work she loves to socialize with her friends and family.  Angie is a lover of concerts and music. 



 Savannah began her official nail career in 2015.  She is new to us in 2017 and has proven that her work is efficient and meticulous.  She loves doing nails.  Outside of the spa, she is pursuing a degree in forensic accounting, so we are happy to have her here counting digits until she gets that CPA! 



 Ashley joined The Foot & Hand Spa team in September 2016, and has since become the spa's Assistant Manager. As a sponsored nail technician apprentice herself, she is inspired by the great service she and her coworkers can provide to help our clients' feet not only look great, but stay healthy, as well.



Emily has been in the Nail Technician field for almost 10 years. She enjoys helping our clients look and feel their best while taking a medical approach to manicures/pedicures. She has placed 1st in the Virginia Skills USA 2 years in a row. Outside of work she enjoys photography and spending time with family.



Jessica has been a nail technician for 15 years. She has a strong background in cosmetology. Her favorite part of being a technician for us is helping her clients transform their nails and becoming healthy again. 

Our Medical Director


Dr. Mitchell R. Waskin, DPM

As a podiatrist, Dr. Waskin has treated people with all types of foot problems, including those caused by poor sanitation practices in local spas. He realized that they put some of his patients, particularly diabetics, at serious risk. Dr. Waskin visited many other spas to see firsthand how they cleaned their equipment. He was not impressed.

Dr. Waskin decided to open a medical-grade spa to provide pedicures & manicures in a safe and comfortable environment. The Foot & Hand Spa is located on the campus of Johnston-Willis hospital within The Foot & Ankle Center so that Dr. Waskin can personally oversee the care of the spa’s clients.

He earned his podiatric medical degree from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, which recognized him for outstanding achievement, and then completed his residency in foot and ankle surgery at Metropolitan Hospital in Philadelphia. Dr. Waskin continued his post-graduate training in Laser Surgery, Foot & Ankle Arthroscopy, Rigid Internal Fixation and Cryosurgery.

Dr. Waskin is certified in foot surgery by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons. He is also a published author and speaker, and has served leadership roles in several professional medical organizations. Dr. Waskin is one of only 25 podiatrists in the nation who provides full-service medical spa services specializing in the hands & feet.

For information about all the services offered at Dr. Waskin's Foot & Ankle Center, click here.