Keryflex Nail Restoration


Cover Up Your Fungal Nails!

If you're being treated for toenail fungus and don't want to have to wait for months for clear nails to grow in, a Keryflex™ pedicure may be for you. Unlike regular artificial nails, a Keryflex™ pedicure is designed especially to adhere to and cover fungal nails with a flexible, durable and attractive protective coating. It lasts up to eight weeks, and you can polish your nails as normal. While it is not recommended to receive laser treatment for nail fungus while Keryflex™ nails are in place, we can apply a Keyflex™ nail immediately after completing your laser treatment. That way your toes can look great while the laser treatment takes effect underneath!
(Click here to learn more about laser treatment at The Foot & Ankle Center, right down the hall from our spa!)

Applied in our clean, medical grade spa under the supervision of podiatrists, a Keryflex™ pedicure can transform the appearance of your nails from fungal to fabulous in a matter of minutes. 

Watch this video to learn more about the Keryflex™ pedicure!